[QuickScript] Find out what that MAC is

I wanted to find out each mac address was on my router.  So I decided to find out what was available for a given IP Address.  What I found was there is an API that you can query to Get information about what company owns that mac address.

Now to see how we query and get that information from the API:

According to the site: http://macvendors.co/api/

we only need to Query the api and pass it a mac address and then pass in the url either JSON or XML:

invoke-restmethod -uri http://macvendors.co/api/58:EF:68:00:00:00/json | select result

@{company=Belkin International Inc.; mac_prefix=58:EF:68; address=12045 East Waterfront Drive,Playa Vista 90094,U...

Without a json Tag

(invoke-restmethod -uri http://macvendors.co/api/7C:01:91:00:00:00).result

company : Apple, Inc.
mac_prefix : 7C:01:91
address : 1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino CA 95014,US
start_hex : 7C0191000000
end_hex : 7C0191FFFFFF
country : US
type : MA-L

Telling the API to return XML

(invoke-restmethod -uri http://macvendors.co/api/58:EF:68:00:00:00/Xml).result

company : Belkin International Inc.
mac_prefix : 58:EF:68
address : 12045 East Waterfront Drive,Playa Vista 90094,US
start_hex : 58EF68000000
end_hex : 58EF68FFFFFF
country : US
type : MA-L

As you can see getting the results already comes in Json and or form of an object so getting this with PowerShell is pretty straightforward.


Hope this helps Someone


Until then


Keep Scripting



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