Parsing CCM\Logs

If you’ve ever worked with Configuration manager you’ll understand that there are quite a few logs on the Client side.  Opening and searching through them for actions that have taken place can be quite a task.  I needed to find when an item was logged during initial startup/build of a vm.  So I sought out tools to parse these logs to find out the status of  Configuration Manager client side. This post is about the tools/scripts I found and what I added to them to make it easier to discover and parse all the log files.

I started with the need to be able to just parse the log files.  I discovered that Rich Prescott in the community had done the work of parsing these log files with this script:

With that script in had I made two changes to the script.  The first change was to allow for all the files in the directory to be added to the return object.

 if(($Path -isnot [array]) -and (test-path $Path -PathType Container) )
$Path = Get-ChildItem "$path\*.log"

The second change allowed for the user to specify a tail amount. This allows for just a portion of the end of the log to be retrieved instead of the entire log.   That script can be found on one of my gists at the Tail end of this article.

$lines = Get-Content -Path $File -tail $tail
else {
$lines = get-Content -path $file
ForEach($l in $lines )


I hope this helps someone.

Until then

Keep scripting


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